Spring Qigong Series

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Time for Spring Cleaning and detoxification! 

In this 12-part online series, we'll focus on nourishing your liver and gallbladder meridians to compost irritation, anger, and frustration out of your system and nourish kindness, patience, and grace in your body, and mind.

⭐️Each video is a half-hour long and yours to keep forever.⭐️

The organs in the body that are focused on in Springtime are the liver and the gallbladder. When functioning properly, these organs assist in the detoxification and digestive processes and the smooth flow and circulation of blood and Qi energy throughout the body.

The intention of a Qigong practice in the Spring is to gently stretch the ligaments, tendons, and muscles in the human body to increase flexibility, range of motion, and the ability to move with ease in all directions.

The emotional energy of a well-functioning liver is that of patience and kindness. Congested emotions connected with excess or stagnation related to liver impairment are anger, resentment, jealousy, and frustration. Spring is a great time to compost irritations, inflamed aggravations, anger, and frustration.

The Gallbladder is a Yang organ and the Liver is its Yin organ partner.

The Gallbladder stores and excretes bile, governs decision-making and planning, controls the sinews, and affects dreams.

On a deeper emotional level, the Gallbladder is responsible for our passion for life, inspiration, action, and assertiveness.

When we are having problems being assertive, making decisions, or following through, lacking passion, and feeling timid or uninspired, we are experiencing an imbalance of the Gallbladder. When the Gallbladder is balanced and its energy is flowing freely, we are happy, healthy, assertive, and passionate.

Imagine the trees and flowers around you as Spring lands in your area, the energy moves up from the roots to the new leaves and flower buds. Spring qigong finds inspiration from nature to help you clear the winter months from your body.

As always my classes are for everybody, beginners welcome! This qigong is simple, easy to follow, and may offer powerful results after just a few minutes. 

Join me by lighting our collective burden energetically, giving a good squeeze to our liver and gall bladder and align yourself, your health, with the changing seasons.

What you'll get:

  • The Outline & Objectives

  • The Fundamentals

  • The What, Why, & How

Qigong is a moving meditation practice. It can be personalized to your own abilities. With this practice, you can learn to trust your own energy and body by honoring what you experience.

No experience is needed. Good for children and elders and everyone in between.

This practice is safe if you are pregnant. (Do not practice if you feel sick, such as with a cold or flu. Rest and recover before you attempt to move qi.)


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