Qigong Summer Series

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Recorded classes to watch at your convenience and go at your own pace.

In this 15-part series, I'll teach you specific Qigong flows that will both calm the emotional heart center and help clear inflammation and pain from excess heat.

Summer, the hottest time of the year, is expansive and warming, these forms help cool your internal energy and experience expansion while staying grounded, and nurturing regulation.

The element of the summer is Fire, but too much Fire or Heat disturbs the heart. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, when heat collects in one area it's known as inflammation.

Summer is prone to its own two unique imbalances called Summer Heat and Summer Damp. This can manifest in the form of physical heat and emotional heat (irritation, anger, frustration.)

In this routine you will learn specific Qigong flows that circulate energy through the blood, empower the heart center, and balance yin and yang in the body. One of the keys to cultivating summer and accessing the heart energy is enjoyment and laughter.

These Qigong exercises irrigate the meridian pathways, nourish the tissues, energize organs, and build internal power and strength.

Qigong circulation practices for the summer focus on cultivating the fire element, and expanding your capacity to love and be loved.

What you'll get:

  • The Outline & Objectives
  • The Fundamentals
  • The What, Why, & How
  • Advanced Tips


Qigong is a moving meditation practice. It can be personalized to your own abilities. With this practice, you can learn to trust your own energy and body by honoring what you experience.

No experience is needed. Good for children and elders and everyone in between.

This practice is safe if you are pregnant. (Do not practice if you feel sick, such as a cold or flu. Rest and recover before you attempt to move qi.)

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